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Thinking of making the jump to a four day work week?

Hey there, are you dreaming of a four day work week? Well, we designed Overbookd to help to help teams analyze their meeting practices and determine if a shift to a four day work week is feasible.

Our insights around cost and meeting subjects will help you identify areas where you can reduce redundancy and streamline your meeting practices. With Overbookd, you can easily see your meeting distribution by day, and blend that with costs and meeting types to get a comprehensive view of your team’s meeting habits.

By identifying which types of meetings are taking up the most time and money, leaders can find asynchronous tools to use and create a more efficient workflow. Plus, with Overbookd’s intuitive interface, it’s easy to navigate and get started. So why wait? Give Overbookd a try today and start planning for that four day work week you’ve been dreaming of!

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