Calendar, Metrics and More

Connecting Calendars

Calendars, a necessary evil in our work lives. But fear not, my friend, for with Overbookd, we make analyzing those suckers a breeze. Thanks to our trusted calendar partners (Google & Microsoft), connecting your calendars is easy and secure. All you gotta do is authorize your email, and voila! You can even connect you colleagues calendars (the ones you have access to that is) and filter and group all you want. Its really as easy as a couple of clicks.

So go ahead, dig deep into those meeting costs and get ready to be amazed. Overbookd has got you covered!

Lets talk about Salaries

Well, well, well, you're curious about how we collect salary data, huh? Let me tell you, we don't just pull numbers out of thin air (although that would be pretty cool). No, we rely on a combination of public and private sources from OpenAI to ensure our data is accurate and up-to-date. So sit back, relax, and trust that we've got the salary info you need. We provide a title level input and location to generate the estimate used for cost insight generation.

What metrics do we surface?

Our Overbookd dashboard is chock-full of juicy metrics to help you make sense of all those meetings (and their costs!) on your calendar.

Total Cost - Pretty much how it sounds. We calculate the estimated cost (using OpenAI) of meeting attendees then apply that to the length of the meeting. Its that easy.

Total Meetings - Sum of all the meetings you and your team attend. Will depend on what filters you have applied to the dashboard.

Average Duration - The average duration of meetings across all connected calendars. This will also depend on the filters you have applied.

Average Lead Time - This is a doozy. How much time were you given to prep from the time the meeting was scheduled, to when it happened. This is going to fire some people up.

Average Participants - How big are your meetings? Now you'll at least know the average size of the meetings.

Meeting Consumption by Day - Does your company have meeting free Friday? Are you sure? Well we will show you how many meetings are attended on average by day of week.

This is a great planning metrics!

Meeting Distribution - Now lets look at a broader time range and show you week over week what your meeting count has looked like. You might be surpirsed, or shocked, or both.

Participants - Like it sounds, who has been attending the meetings you and your team have.

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