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Getting set up

Alright, new Overbookd user, buckle up for a wild ride! Setting up your account is a breeze with these easy steps. If you're a visual learner we run through account setup in How the Magic Happens

Step1: Creating an account
  • Create an account using your email or Google authentication (whichever tickles your fancy)
  • Check it, we'll send you an email to validate your account, so be sure to click that bad boy
  • Tell us about yourself - configure your user information, so we know a little bit about you
  • Represent your team - provide an organization name
Step 2: Authorizating and Connecting Calendars
  • Authorization! - authorize your Google account so we can connect to calendars and events.
  • Connect your calendars (yes, ALL of them - yours and your colleagues') so we can work our magic
  • Sync it up - sit back, relax, and let us sync up those meeting events
Step 3: Enjoy your dashboard
  • Well, thats it! Go to your dashboard and gain knowledge about your meeting subjects and cost.
Boom, just like that, you're ready to go with Overbookd!